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October 2, 1926: Barefoot Social (Charlie Linwood perspective) 
5th-Feb-2006 05:03 pm
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Even though she had been speaking to him only moments before, Kelly's expression is suddenly one of surprise, as if she had momentarily forgotten that she already had a date. Then, she blushes quite furiously and offers, quietly and confidentially, "I can't get used to the idea that I have, you know, a sweetheart now. It's just so random!" Then, she looks up, scoping the crowd for the elusive Rafe, and her voice raises again to a much more normal level. "I think I misplaced him, though. So I can keep you company until I find him again."

Aisling O'Cormac looks around and then back to Lenore. "I can't see her..." she comments. "I saw her move that way," she gestures obliquely, "but after that, I don't know where she went." Espying a gap in the crowd beside their table, Aisling continues, "I think it would be safe enough to go over and play ring toss? Just one round, promise, and if we see her, we can come back here?" Her friend's shyness is chafing, but she won't leave her.

Clementine Duncan slips away in her date's absence after failing to dunk the goblin. Wandering away from where he probably would come to find her, walks around with no real aim other then.. not being found. It might be cruel, but she doesn't see it that way just yet. She glides gracefully past Kelly and Charlie, stopping not far from them as she peers around for her date... just in case he's anywhere that he could possibly see her. He tall, too, after all.

Charlie Linwood shrugs, then, though he seems somehow distracted, and keeps smoothing down the front of his coat. "Well, if you think he won't mind too much, Kate." Another wide look about. Somehow there seemed to be so many more people out here than ever at the Great Hall. Perhaps it's the multitude of colors differentiating everyone. "What's there to do?" Clementine gets a vague glance-over, but unlike a lot of the boys here tonight, he's taking very little notice of the prettiness of the girls. Gee.

Lenore Pantall crawls out from under the table, though her expression is still one that indicates it would not be a fun thing at all. "Just one." She promises, clinging to the other girl's arm in a near deathgrip. "And if we see Kelly, I'm going straight back under that table."

Kelly Pantall pauses for a moment, thinking this over. /Would/ Rafe mind that she walked off mid-conversation, misplaced him, and attached herself to another boy? Well, if she manages to register that most people probably would mind quite a lot if that happened, it doesn't show in her actions and words. "Well, there's a whole lot of games and so forth. Dunking goblins and ring tosses and so forth. Or dancing. Do you dance, Charlie? I don't think Rafe does, so I didn't want to tell him that I really do like it." See how considerate she is? Pausing for a moment in her conversation, she twirls the skirt of her robes back and forth. Swoosh. Swoosh.

Having just crawled out from under the table, Aisling stares around a little, taking in the huge amount of people present. Heading slowly towards the ring toss through the masses of people, she somewhat hauls the other girl along, stuck as she is onto her arm. Arriving at the ring toss, Aisling waves quickly at Olivia, who she met prior to the Sorting, and other people she's met, over at the goblin-dunking stand. At the stall holder's query, she turns to Lenore. "Do you want to go first?" she queries.

"Well... I don't, really," Charlie is Uncomfortable, with the capital 'U' and all, all of a sudden, and so quickly rushes, "I mean, once or twice, I've had to with my cousin--she's a muggle, but was learning," he's only upper middle class, this one. Charlie fidgets again and seems to notice Kelly's dress robes. "Green." Indistinct muttering, and he sort of dawdles, though his eyes move toward the games rather than the dancers.

Lenore Pantall shrugs vaguely at Aisling, though she does take the ring and toss it inexpertly at the bottles. She repeats this twice, before turning back to Aisling with an 'I give up!' sort of expression. "I have bad aim." She observes quietly, returning to clinging tightly to Aisling's arm.

Kelly Pantall is hardly upper-class herself, as much as her mother tries to persuade the world otherwise, and she grabs firmly for his arm to try and pull him back towards the dancers. See, Charlie she has no qualms about pushing around, and hence the biggest difference between him and Rafe. Except for all the other petty differences. "Just one dance, please? I promise you, if Rafe gets annoyed, I'll tell him I persuaded you to do it so you don't have to have a big man-fight in my honour."

Accepting the three rings from the stall holder, Aisling O'Cormac shakes Lenore off her arm gently, getting ready to toss her rings. As the first one knocks into a bottle of butterbeer, she pouts a little. Getting ready to throw her second ring, she turns to Lenore. "See?" she says. "It's not so bad. And there's no sign of Kelly, either."

Charlie Linwood doesn't really put up a protest, letting himself be pulled over to the dancing. A distracted, "Alright, that seems fair," is all he says. Shaking his head, though, the boy focuses, and offers up a more relaxed smile, "I owe you for Astronomy, anyway, right?" He seems to have decided turning down Kelly's offer has more cons than accepting it, as he straightens up a bit.

"Exactly!" Kelly crows, clapping her hands as if she just stumbled across the perfect way to persuade him. "You owe me for Astronomy, because I let you use my telescope and I - handed in your essay for you." Ah, those blank sheets of paper don't just write themselves. Then, she takes his hands firmly, assuming he actually allows her to do so, slipping on a pair of the special dancing shoes. "Besides, that thing you told me not to mention? Now everyone will know it's not true." Because obliquely referring to it like this doesn't count as bringing it up, of course.

Lenore Pantall peers about the area suspiciously, her eyes darting about and shining with youthful paranoia. She grabs at Aisling's arm even tighter all of a sudden, clinging tightly to her and probably causing her to miss the next throw. "Kelly! Dancefloor." Admittedly, that is quite a way away, but she had to announce her observance. "And she's with a boy. A Hufflepuff one, I think."

Charlie Linwood turns rather red around the edges of his face as he slips on the odd shoes and lets Kelly, of all things, take his hands. "Right," murmurs Charlie, expression suddenly sharp. "After all, Kate, you are a girl." Wonder of wonders, can it be true? Shh. There's a moment of pause before he, should Kelly be so inclined, begins to lead in some not-too-close-to-my-body-please dance.

Aisling O'Cormac is suddenly grabbed by Lenore, distracting her and making her ring fly extremely wide of the mark. Peering at the dance floor, she squints at the couple. "Heey..." she says, thoughtfully. "That's not Rafe! I thought she was going with Rafe?" Casually tossing her last ring, she turns properly to Lenore, her ring landing over a butterbeer bottle unseen, and unthought of.

Kelly Pantall apparently respects Charlie's personal space enough not to dance too closely, even if she does invade it on a regular basis under normal circumstances by randomly hugging him and grabbing at his arms periodically. "Yes, well done, I am a girl." Her tone is cheerful rather than insulted, and she seems not to take remote offense to anything he happens to say. "But that's okay. I understand and all. But you dance quite well, really." She offers generously, spinning around a little and allowing her skirt to bell around her. That's the best part of her dress robes.

Aisling O'Cormac looks shocked. "I'm not sure which of the two is worse!" she whispers vehemently back to Lenore. "I'm of half a mind to go and confront her about this!" she continues, before she is interrupted by the stall holder thrusting a small prize at her. "Oh!" she exclaims. "Look, Lenore, I won a prize! Do you want it?" she offers, friendly.

Charlie Linwood isn't so bad for a gawky teenager, but murmurs an indistinct affirmative rather than a proper acknowledgement of the compliment. Focusing on not accidentally trodding all over her feet, Charlie's already somewhat lacking conversational skills go directly down the drain. Without much thought, he dances a bit faster, something more modern. It's quite a few steps before he says, "You're rather good at this yourself." The flush now is from dancing, and a smile threatens to actually stay on his face. It wasn't so bad, dancing with a girl who wasn't making moony eyes at him or giggling.

"No, thank you," Lenore murmurs distractedly, still peering at Kelly and Charlie. "Well, if she is being unfaithful to him, then they'll have a big row about it, and if she was just lying, well, we'll find out sooner or later. But does /he/ know she has a sweetheart already? That would be really bad."

Kelly Pantall beams brightly at Charlie, though she is starting to get a little bit breathless from the dancing - not quite to the point of exhaustion, but it seems quite evident that she doesn't look like she could keep going for very much longer. "Thank you! This is fun, isn't it?" She twirls again, this time a little more exuberantly, watching as her skirt bells out around her again. Dancing with friends is ever so much more fun than dancing with someone who fancies you. Not that the Gryffindor girl would really know the difference.

Aisling O'Cormac shakes her head angrily. "Regardless," she states, "it's bad form on her behalf! She should know better than this, she's, well, old!" Making a move to head towards the dance floor, she stops as she realises Lenore is still behind. Turning, she seems to gather her thoughts before speaking. "Um." she says, stunningly eloquent. "Our table is closer to the dance floor, and to Kelly, than we are. How about some food instead of a return there?" No mentioning that if she did go close to Kelly the older girl might end up worse off...

"Bad form?" Lenore whispers, apparently finding that a completely random way of describing it. "Well, okay." She offers after a moment of silence, and slips off towards the food tables, plucking some tasty treats for herself, then slipping under /those/ tables without another word. Her hand reaches out to beckon Aisling to follow her, though whether the other girl even noticed where she went is entirely uncertain.

"It's more fun than I thought it would be, sure," says Charlie in what could possibly be mistaken for (being that it is) an agreeable tone. He slows as it seems a conclusion to the music, or at least part of it, arrives. "Did you want to keep going?" Technically she did say only one song, which he may or may not point out should she say yes. "Or perhaps get something to drink?"

Kelly Pantall seems entirely out of breath when she slows to a halt, kicking the dancing shoes off and shaking her head firmly - her cheeks are quite pinked with exertion, now. "Oh, I would absolutely love to keep going, Charlie," she offers, once she gets her breath back. "But I really do need a drink. Perhaps in a few minutes? Once I've cooled down again?" She doesn't move to depart yet, awaiting his response.

Grabbing a disposable plate, Aisling O'Cormac piles on some pocket bread, some delicatessen meat, and some other savoury foods, as well as a small, green coloured tart. Glancing around carefully, she clambers under the table with Lenore. Looking to the other girl, she offers her something from her plate. "I hope no one important saw us." she comments, taking a bite out of a bit of pocket bread.

Charlie Linwood nods, then, fairly pink the face himself, "Alright, a drink then." He quite carefully removes his own set of shoes, and remarks in a somewhat surprised tone, "Feels kind of good to be barefoot after all that." Hopefully the shoes are self-cleaning, because a lot of boys(though not necessarily Charlie!) have stinky feet. And some of the girls. He moves toward the punch, not minding (or hearing) some whispers as he and presumably Kelly, go past.

Lenore Pantall shrugs vaguely, taking a dainty little bite out of whatever it was she plucked from the table, having paid exactly zero attention to exactly what it was she was grabbing. "We aren't breaking any rules by hiding under the table," she whispers. "I just hope no one important saw Kelly dancing with a different Hufflepuff boy."

Kelly Pantall certainly does follow Charlie, fanning her face with one hand and pouring herself a generous measure of the pale pink punch. "Ugh. You're right. Dancing is quite a lot of fun, really, but it's very tiring and not at all dignified." Never mind the fact that dancing is supposed to be a very dignified activity, not the exuberant twirling she was engaged in. "You're a good dancer and a very nice boy, Charlie." This random compliment comes entirely out of the blue in between mouthfuls of punch, and is said rather airily and flippantly.

Aisling O'Cormac shrugs calmly. "It's not that I think we'd be breaking any rules, exactly. I just think that people would think it a bit odd, that's all, hiding under a table." Turning her mind to Kelly and her strange Hufflepuff companion - strange, because he wasn't her supposed date, Rafe - she asks surprisedly, "Why? She'd get her comeuppance from that! I mean, she can't just, well, get away with this." Peering out from under the table, she gasps quietly. "Hey Lenore?" she asks. "Um, Kelly was wearing green, right? I think that might be her right there!" she points, speaking sotto voce.

Charlie Linwood blinks slowly over his punch at Kelly, and swallowing ventures: "I'm sorry?" Either he didn't hear, didn't understand, or did both and is apologizing, given her tone. Another sip of punch, and he doesn't respond further than that, looking first at his bare toes(which he wiggles), and then at the punch bowl again, and then over at the games, and then back to Kelly, a quick glance to see if she looks cross.

Kelly Pantall certainly doesn't notice Lenore hiding under the table at all, even with the strange threat uttered, and just looks at Charlie with a perplexed expression, head tilted slightly to the left as she inspects him. "You're a good dancer and a nice boy." Never mind the earlier venom that came with the word nice when referring to Clementine, now she delivers it rather cheerfully. "A very nice boy, and I think that if it weren't for your secret, I might almost be interested in you. Almost. Because, you know, I'd still like Rafe better."

Aisling O'Cormac clenches her jaw angrily. "That's it!" she hisses to Lenore. "She can't be allowed to be like this! It's just not fair. I don't care about how crazy she is, I'm going up there to confront her!" Crawling out from under the table just beside where Kelly and Charlie are standing, she stands, shaking her robes clean, and taps Kelly on the shoulder, then waits for her reaction.

Charlie Linwood chokes a bit and then coughs a lot(and blushes a fair amount but he's just turning red from the choking, honest!!) and then stares at Kelly and then as if it is the only thing he can think of, "I'm not nice, you know." Then he coughs some more, throat ticklish from the choking as of yet, and then stares at the strange little girl from his House who just... came out from under the table? Charlie just plain gapes. There's something wrong with the girls at this school tonight, that's for certain.

Kelly Pantall nods her head firmly, observing, "Right. Nice is a really awful word. It implies you have no spine." She almost sounds like she's quoting someone for a moment, before her eyes widen in alarm. "Gosh, Charlie, are you alright? Don't die, please, it'd be just my luck to have my only friend up and die on me when I dance with th - what?" She whirls on Aisling, folding her arms in annoyance. "My friend's dying, I have no time for this."

Lenore Pantall crawls out from under the table, her cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment, her eyes down turned. She tugs on Aisling's sleeve, not daring to speak, but her expression speaking for her - this isn't a good idea, really. Plus, her eyes flicker up at Charlie in a mixture of concern and horror, apparently believing wholeheartedly that he actually is dying. In the middle of the social. Some people are so inconsiderate.

Rolling her eyes, Aisling glares at the older girl in front of her. "Your _friend_ isn't dying. And, well, it'd probably be good news for you anyway if he did, because then your _date_ couldn't kill him for being stupid enough to dance with _you_!" Having said all of this hardly without breathing, she pauses to take a breath, and notices Lenore's appearance. Too late to stop her, she's on a roll now.

Charlie Linwood may be dying, but it is more because his brain has turned into a lump of vegetable mush than because she startled him into choking on his punch. Very, very slowly her alarm registers and it's in something of a vague, detached voice that he says, "Not dying." Sentences apparently having escaped his particular level of thought processing right about now. To Aisling, "Fr..." another cough, "We're /friends/." Here comes his cross face, though not necessarily any level of coherence, "I'm not /stupid/." He doesn't sound in particular smart.

"Rafe's not going to kill Charlie!" This is obviously the most important part of the whole matter, as Kelly responds to this most indignantly, uncrossing her arms and planting her hands firmly on her hips. "He might, you know, attack him a little but he wouldn't kill him. That would be murder." Oh. Poor, poor Charlie. "Besides, there's nothing wrong with just dancing, dancing is fine - if it was any more than dancing it would be bad but it's not! We're just friends, and I was being considerate." She peers around vaguely, apparently wondering where her date actually is.

Aisling O'Cormac almost snorts at Kelly's last point. "Considerate?" she queries, "How, considerate? Would not staying with your date, or even knowing where he _is_ be considerate? You were being selfish, and probably inherently nasty, too, by dancing with another boy, regardless or not of whether he was aware of your motives!" Having said what is at the forefront of her mind, she continues, "And how DARE you prattle on about serial killers, scaring people, especially your sister-" there we go, her famous subtlety at work again "-into being small and scared of new things, people, places, and social events, because they could be caught by a killer! It's just so foolish! And small-minded of you." she huffs, pulling hard on one of her tightly-wound plaits.

"He's allowed to go where he wants without me keeping tabs on him!" Kelly retorts angrily, apparently resenting the fact that someone else has noticed that she actually doesn't know where her date is right now. "If Rafe wants to wander off he can - and dancing with Charlie doesn't count as dancing with another boy!" Someone should have warned Charlie that she simply can't keep secrets. However, to her credit, she at least doesn't expand on this point any further before whirling around to face the Hufflepuff boy again. "You're not really dying, are you? You're going to be alright, yeah?"

The boy and his friend go around to various games, winning a few, losing a few. Chris's stomach growls and he smiles nervously to Kara, "Let's get some food." She agrees as they walk to the food tables, Chris picks up a few items of food. As he snacks he notices all the commotion, two of the people involved he recognizes as fellow housemates. Muttering, "I wonder what's got them all angry."

Aisling O'Cormac looks confused for a moment. "I'm sorry, I don't understand. Charlie is a boy. You were dancing with him. How does this not count as dancing with another boy, hm? And what about the serial killer stuff? You haven't denied a single thing about it, but I doubt that you're sorry in the slightest! The prefects were right to take those books away from you, you're too socially dangerous!" Glaring at Kelly, she spares a moment for a side glance to Lenore, who looks like she wishes she wasn't there. "Sorry, Lenore," she whispers to the girl beside her. Facing back to Kelly, she straightens her back, making her all of five foot tall, and continues to glare.

Charlie Linwood apparently has the presence of mind to say, "You're the one who said I'd be killed... and I don't think Kate could possibly make her sister short." Charlie's voice is a mix between cross and /utterly/ confused, and after a moment, he says, "She isn't--" and he chokes on the air this time, wheeling on Kelly, "/Ssssshhhhhh!/" is hissed, and then, all his senses returning with the near escape of certain secrets, "I'm not going to die but I'm... not going to be alright, either." Here he actually stamps his foot, which is ridiculous and ineffectual, since they're outside and barefoot. "You /should/ be with DeWitt. Not me." Color rises into his cheeks again, and his face twists up oddly. "Not /me/."

Kelly Pantall seems utterly confused for a moment, whirling around to face Aisling, then back to face Charlie, then back to face Aisling again, then steps back and glares at both of them in turn. "I'm not socially dangerous! And, well," she seems on the brink of sharing Charlie's secrets for real when she turns to glare at him again. "I can't even pay you a stinking compliment, and you go on a crazy rampage as if I was trying to woo you! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND, CHARLIE! I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!" This particularly loud and high-pitched point made, she whirls around and storms away. Whether her point actually makes sense in context is entirely uncertain. She certainly thinks it does.

Aisling O'Cormac stares after Kelly as she storms off. "She didn't get it." she says calmly. Turning to Lenore, she says once more, "She didn't even get it! Is she a little bit.. well, backwards, or something?! Because I thought it was pretty clear!" Tugging on one of her plaits, she looks cross.

Lenore Pantall shakes her head silently, shrugging her shoulders lightly. When she does speak, it is at that same barely audible tone, as if she is afraid of being overheard. "She never gets the point." There is an edge of sympathy in her voice - though, from context, probably more sympathy for Aisling and Charlie than for Kelly. "I'm sorry, Mister." She directs to Charlie, her eyes down turned. "Kelly's a bit weird."

Charlie Linwood is riled up, and shouts after her, "You know good and well I'm not interested in you, either, Pantall!" His voice raises as the distance increases, "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO CAN'T SAY ANYTHING NORMALLY!" he remains rooted to the spot for a moment and then, forgetting to decrease his volume, "She's not weird!!" Another stamping of the foot, and he storms off in an opposite direction, muttering darkly to himself and making a few first year girls squeal and run out of his way.
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