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The Pensieve Basin
Recent Entries 
Subject lines should indicate full (or approximate) IC date, plus a short description of the scene. I.E. "September 1, 1931 : Sorting Feast, Ravenclaw Table" or "November 1925 : An Argument Among Friends"

Cuts should be used to reduce visual spam. You can post a one or two line summary above the cut, if you'd like.

When tagging: Please use at least the year and location, plus the full name of as many (multi-pose) character participants as possible. It might be good to use some general situational tags as well i.e. feast, sorting, class, Quidditch. Please tag! But remember that LJ limits unique tags to 1200, so always favor pre-existing tags.

Feel free to edit for typos, and format text (changing /this/ to this, bolding names, etc) but otherwise let's resist the urge to tamper!

Due to the nature of RP, several people may have the same event logged. Please check that your event is not already logged; if it is, but you have a significantly different take, either post just the different parts if they make sense, with a link to the previously posted log, or leave a note before the cut about what your log has that the other doesn't.

Entries should be dated for when a scene was actually played. Sometimes this is an approximate date, but please try to get the year and season correct.
29th-Jan-2006 02:59 pm - September 18, 1926: Library Fight!
promethea shh
The Barefoot Social continues to create strife, and Charlie says something honest.

And I am not that red. It's just sort of warm in here.Collapse )
17th-Jan-2006 02:58 pm - June 1, 1926: How to make friends
promethea shh
Accusations of murderous intent and strangeness fly free during a shopping trip in Diagon Alley.

I said if I was going to marry a Hufflepuff it wouldn't be you.Collapse )
27th-Jan-2002 01:44 pm - May 21, 1916: Mustrum for Minister
promethea shh
A discussion of outlooks in life, and goals. (I believe this is the first scene with Keelan and Mustrum)
But /sir/, one must always keep their mind clear and ready for knowledge.Collapse )
29th-Jan-2002 11:56 am - Late Spring 1916: Lakeside Chat
promethea shh
With the end of term upon them, some students (and a Ministry employee?) end up at the lake.
I still think yer bloody mad. Quidditch. You'll break your neck.Collapse )
promethea shh
Three former schoolmates happen upon each other in Diagon Alley, and plans are made.
Don't we make an odd sort of trio?Collapse )
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